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Every wedding I try to organize a father-daughter first look with a mirror to capture both faces...

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Here are some more examples of father and daughter first looks...

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"He does whatever it takes to get the shot, including swimming in freezing cold underground rivers holding his camera and lights above his head!!" Yes, Kelsey is correct. I accompanied she and Travis on their elopement to Scotland where we searched for this not too well known location... Finnich Glen. It was such a great time.

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I photographed this wedding in The Bahamas when a rain storm threatened to shorten our bridal party session. Luckily the venue had these colorful umbrellas and I set everyone up in their procession line for this photo.

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So many great locations to photograph in our city. My friend, who's a model, and I took advantage of this plane that's on display at Lone Star Flight to make these photos. I would love to photograph a set of engagements here if anyone is interested.

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I visited the Farmhouse before LaSondra and Paul's wedding and saw this opportunity. Thought it would be cool to organize both parties getting ready separated by this stairwell.

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Let's do this!

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